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A little bit of history of D&H Solutions.

Interior Design Malaga Decoration


Interior Design is not just about decoration, ​the same way, a home is not just a nonsense collage or amalgam of pieces of furniture.

The Interior Design of a space have not only to define or pretend to show the taste of its hosts or their life philosophy, but also define this specific space itself based on its location, enviroment and possibilities.

But not only that, Home Interior Design must awake sensations to the occupants of a place.

A perfect work has the power to change emotions and therefore lifes of its residents.  

Whether it's a low-cost decoration or a high-end signature furniture selection, I like to work equally with both possibilities and much more.

So Decoration must be a comprehensive study of the needs of the space and demands of their owners.

"Taking design out of the studio and really having a relationship with the people that you're making it for, really convinced me of how powerful a design is. It's not just an aesthetic decoration."


decorator malaga

Interior Designer
& Founder

Our Story

Founded by Maritza Flores, Deco&Home Solutions has been successfully and recognizably developing interior design projects for professionals and individuals mainly on the Costa del Sol for almost a decade.

We are recognized in the industry as high class professionals and our projects carry our recognizable seal of quality, professionalism and style.

We have developed our own portfolio of styles based on the most traditional and avant-garde variants of interior design, ranging from minimalism or classic to the most urban and boho, through a review of the rustic, Nordic or Mediterranean style.

Out team adapts the knowledge and know-how, together with the experience and professional partners, leaders in their sectors to offer the most complete and comprehensive services of Interior Design, covering tasks ranging from the decoration of specific spaces to complete homes, applying if necessary at the request of our customers, constructive reform work and interior architecture ranging from lighting design to remodeling spaces, design of electrical installations or plumbing, etc..

Our goal is to cover all aspects of an integral interior design project to satisfy the demands of our clients, adapting to their budget and finishing the work in time and form.

Familia junta

Clients Satisfaction

That idea of creating and awakening pleasantest sensations for people and their families was the germ for this adventure in wich we are involved.

Our professional careers have also teach us that a good contact agenda makes everything easier. It's Important to be surrounded by the best professionals in every area and having legal and accounting consultors.

Now we put all these knowledge and logistics at your disposal to satisfy your needs.

Each property and each client is unique!

You have your own expectations. We adapt our services to meet your demands and stay discreet and efficient.

Our goal is to help you enjoying your holiday time, taking care of your 2nd home when you are abroad but also helping you during your stay with any paperwork or helping you arriving at a "ready to enjoy home", planning previous cleanings an maintenance tasks or assisting you in any food/services/furniture shopping.

Let us make your new house your sweet home.

A Tailor-made service for home owners in the Costa del Sol, Málaga.

"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

Sir Oliver Wendell Holmes

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