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If you are looking for a decorator to design the interior of your new vacation home, to comply with legal requirements and paperwork with Spanish authorities, or to take care of your 2nd home when you are abroad, we have solutions for you.

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Interior Design

Interior Design and Decoration projects development for your house.

Professional consulting service throughout every step of

the process to guarantee full personalized results in every

room of your home according to your preferences and needs.

We bring you a Full Service solution for your Interior Design needs,

including Personal Deco Shopper and Decorator services.

Real Estate

We also provide a Real Estate Consulting Service.

We find the perfect property for you in an ideal environment.Professional Consulting

service to guarantee the acquisition of a house that meets your expectations.


Personalized assistance, advice on the management of the necessary paperworks
for your purchase. We help you in any necessary procedure during the home

buying process (Intermediation, negotiation, etc).

Welcome Home

We also offer a 'Welcome Home Service' in order to satisfy our

clients needs, to avoid any worries at the moment they are

arriving home for a vacation period, supplying your home with the basics.

We look for your comfort providing also a cleaning and set up service.

We also provide a Home Departing service to guarantee your peace of mind.


We provide a custom Concierge service to satisfy  your

needs and managements.

We are proud to bring a dedicated personal attention, providing Solutions

for your home and leisure needs in  order to make

your stay as comfortable as possible.

We offer you a personal, exclusive and Tailor-made  service to

solve any problem you could have.

Home Cleaning

Home Care and Cleaning are very important tasks, especially

when the house is not inhabited during prolonged periods.

We put at your disposal a professional crew to clean your house

in order to mantain every Househould item in perfect conditions at all times.

We guarantee the best care for your furniture and decoration ítems.


Home Maintenance Service in order to guarantee a special

care for all the indoor and outdoor Household and Furniture items.

Our Maintenance Crew will check and review every detail of

your home environment and indoor conditions.

When a house is not inhabited for a large period of time, it is important

to check and review it periodically to ensure a perfect condition.

Moving Service

Full Removal Service and Assistance in the new Location.

We put you in touch with the main Removal Companies to guarantee a

professional and quality service.  Consulting Services to help you hiring the

service, and supervising in the new Location.

We put at your disposal a transportation service for all kind

of items, facilitating any management.

Light Duty

Home Reforms and Renovations Consulting Services for your house.

Decoration projects for bathrooms, kitchen design

following the  latest aesthetic and technological tendecies,

Curtain Systems  installation, Glazing and Closing Glass Curtains,

PVC and Alluminium Carpetry.

We put at your disposal professionals in electricity, painting and plumbing.

Energy & Water

Advice on the management of hiring Home Supply Services.

We offer a full service, providing a quality assistance, to

perform the relevant procedures related to the supply

of electricity, water, gas and garbage.

We assist you at the contract signing moment, in order to

obtain satisfying results. We guarantee the correct

procurement of supplies according to your needs.

Internet & TV

Internet connection and TV contracting service.

In order to provide you and your home with every possible facilities,

we provide advice in the purchase and installation of technological

devices and in the hiring of internet, telephone and television services.

We look for the best alternatives according to your needs and

preferences, and we simplify the necessary  procedures for

the hiring and installation at your home.


Consulting Service in order to help you looking for and hiring the

best solution in terms of Insurances to guarantee your tranquility.

We put you in touch with top Insurance Companies and we provide

also intermediation services for the hiring and all the procedures.

We also provide Consulting Services for Alarm and Surveillance Systems for your house.


Advice and management in the hiring of Transportation Services.

We put you in touch with the most important Shuttle Service and

Car Hire companies, airports and Train/Busses Stations,

transfer information. 24h Shuttle and Taxi service.

We provide the best transport according to your needs, We guarantee

the service with the best companies to any destination.

Car Shopping

Professional Consulting Custom Service for Vehicle Purchasing.

According to your preferences and needs, we prepare an

custom inform to present you some alternatives for your interest.

We put at your disposal a Maintenance and Managment Service

for your vehicle, we perform all nesesary administrative

parperworks, and help you keep your car in peak running condition.


We provide professional Consulting Services for any Legal and

Administrative requirements for your house.

We put you in touch with an Professional Consulting Office established

in Malaga that focuses its activity on management of

documentation and notifications, transfers and administrative procedures.

Experts in providing solutions to any paperwork with Local Administration.

Legal Assistance

It is very common to see yourself wrapped in situations that involve

the knowledge of the application of laws or legal regulations,

requiring professional assistance to carry out the legal procedures.

We put you in touch with a Legal Consulting Office that provides custom

and comprehensive solutions.

A multidisciplinary team that look for the best solution,

for your needs and interests, at all times.

Leisure Activities

We Provide a Help Desk Service for Cultural, Sports and

Social activities. Updated information at all times, of the cultural

activities  you can attend, according to your preferences,

we develop a custom plan for your outings.

Also our goal is to facilitate communication with different sports

clubs and social networks,achieving your integration in the

Costa del Sol.



Landscaping is not only art but also a science that requires observation,

planning, creativity and design skills.

We offer consulting services for Garden Design projects in order to achieve the

most incredible and unique results to awake your senses.

We put at your disposal a team of the best professionals in

Gardening Techniques and Landscaping.


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