Entrance Hall

Actualizado: 16 de may de 2019

Arriving home should always be pleasant, a prelude of our haven of peace: our home. We are going to show you how to design an entrance hall that will be the envy of your friends and guests.

While crossing our door threshold we should feel an invitation to enter.

Doesn't matter if it is big or small, this room that is welcoming us, must be practical, functional and of course the cover letter of our home, we must not forget that this room is the first impression for our guests.

Successfully decorating this space -usually a limited space- is perfectly possible, it is all about finding the balance between aesthetic and practical.

And YES, we doesn't have much available space in this room, but the key is trying to make the most of this or any other room in the house.

Wall painting and wallpapers are great solutions in an entrance hall...

you can also add decorative mouldings... and anything that reflects your personality and taste.

If you opt for a light color, the entrance hall will seem to be bigger and wider, the no so dark tones are always the best choice in any color.

Avant-garde design furniture are perfect for decorating trendy spaces and the lightness of its lines and shapes are optimal for reduced spaces.

If you choose dark furniture, try to select the ones of solid lines and straightforward look.

In decoration, it is perfectly possible to combine cane, rope and wood.

Basic Pieces

1.- Mirrors

Mirrors do expand visually the space and reflect natural light.

You must avoid installing them just in front of a door if you want to follow Feng Shui rules: "the positive energy that enters through the door must stay in". Choose a sidewall for the mirrors.

A round mirror provides a warm look, a big one will give you amplitude, an aged frame will give you an elegance touch.

2.- Main piece of furniture

a) Console

A console fulfills an important function and we have to choose wisely, for a small entrance hall we recommend a thin one with no more than 40cm, or even 20cm and if it is possible, with just straightforward legs, it will not hinder or obstruct the walking zone and will allow us to leave the keys. We also recommend at least one or two drawers to store small objects and not leave nothing but decoration items on it.

Materials: elm tree wood, plicking beech wood, oak wood, metal, glass, iron and marble...there are a lot of options to fit your taste and budget.

b) Chest of drawers

If you have enough space, a cute chest of drawers will allow you to store some things without loosing the decorative appearance of this piece.

3.- A Rack

The most useful element for this room, not only for summertime but also for winter. Find the perfect place to leave your hat, jacket or handbag. And of course, your guest's coats.

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