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Spring 2019

Sunny Days.

Nice weather has arrived and we all want to enjoy comfortable spaces.

Life is outdoors...on the terrace, courtyard, in the garden!

It is time to open house doors and enjoy a BBQ with friends, or a 'siesta' or maybe a 'fiesta' outside.

It is time to enjoy a big lemonade or a glass of wine with a good book while we contemplate and feel the pleasant aroma and colors of flowers.

Refreshing ideas...

Outdoor white furniture convey freshness but the direct sunlight causes a lot of light reflection and blinding effect, the solution is create shadow zones by using canopies, canisses and artificial hedges...or simply adding colorured cushions to your pure white furniture.

For the swimming pool area it is necessary to choose neoprene fabrics for chairs, cushions and loungers to avoid humidity and rain to stall them and to resist UVA rays, what means no discolouration.

We also recommend lightweight furniture in order to easily stack and transport.

Concerning garden, the key is to have a concrete plan from the beginning, plants must grow similarly and optimizing the area for a better space utilization, a good professional could gave us the clues about what plant varieties will bring us greatest satisfactions.


The trend nowadays is to transform old things in vintage decoration, for example, repainting old metallic paint buckets in vivid colours and convert them into flowerpots to fullfill them with seasonal flowers and aromatic plants. Also a trick to transform a garden or coutyard corner is to paint old wrought iron / forge chairs in bright colours.


The details are not the details, they make the difference. Accesories and complements invigorate decoration and bright up and give a touch of colour to spaces.

Flowers, candles, linen cushions...

Glass lanterns to bring romantic tenuous light for the night.

Summer centerpieces, divert compositions mixing fruits, flowers and plants.

A beautiful tablecloth, funny dishes and that's all !


Pergolas, parasols, outdoor furniture and charming decoration complements are all what we need to relax in the sun.

A good shade is essential to enjoy to the maximum a sunny day, a lounger with built-in sun visor, a simple umbrella, a chill-out sunbed or any modality of pergolas, a forge conservatory... there is a wide range of possibilities.

Quality do matter, we must think of the exposition to extreme weather conditions. We will help you to choose appropiate elements and quality systems ready to resist intense sunlight.


Water resist furniture materiales such us resin, treated wood, aluminium, rope-wood finishes rattan, teak,etc.

Resin furniture provide a pleasant informal and relaxing atmosphere to terraces and garden zones.

We recommend synthetic fibres for outdoor furniture and natural fibres for porches and semi-covered terraces.

Equip this areas rightly with couches, chairs, tables, hammocks, loungers, there are options for all budgets and preferences.

Our goal…

Create a personal custom armonic atmosphere with a lot of light with ideas to take advantage of the space with the maximum guarantees of comfort, decoration and usefulness.

Let us imagine to fulfill your dreams.

Thus far, our BLOG post for today.

Hope to see you back soon!

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